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2017-2019: Every blanket gives a kit with birth and newborn essentials to a refugee mother

Refugees are the world's most vulnerable population and today, with 21 million refugees in the world, we are facing a humanitarian crisis without precedent.

Imagine giving birth in a refugee camp, an overpopulated and under resourced tent city. Imagine trying to care for a newborn without basic things like clothing to keep them warm...

Together with AYZH, our distribution partner, we're responding to the needs of our refugee sisters by providing free kits with necessities for birth and newborns. Regardless of price point, one Babies4Babies blanket equals one donated kit. 

2014-2016: Every blanket gave 4 life saving Chlorhexine swabs for sterile umbilical cord cuttings. 

Because most babies are not born in sterile environments like hospitals and 75% of neonatal deaths around the world are completely preventable through low-tech, high impact medical interventions like Chlorhexidine, a topical antiseptic solution applied to the umbilical cord before it is cut with a sterile razor or scissors. 

We partnered with Saving Mothers and other small NGOs to provide thousands of safe and sterile cord cuttings around the world. 

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