Creative Collaborations

Want to see your art on the next Babies4Babies bassinet to beach blanket?  Please read through this page and submit your artwork for review. 

About the brand

We're bringing sexy back to blankets and empowering women to explore, define and own their motherhood. Through fashion forward prints and totally original artwork, we're extending a woman's wardrobe in motherhood far beyond basic critters and stripes.  

About the blanket

We use GOTS certified organic cotton double gauze and print artwork digitally with non-toxic inks. We cut and sew in America at a lady owned factory and every blanket sold provides money to purchase birth and newborn necessities for a Syrian refugee mother. Our entire supply chain is both earth and people friendly but what makes our blankets the best is that we never, ever sacrifice quality or style.

The Creative Collaboration

  • Submission.  Artist submits artwork via upload form below (initial submission can be in jpg format).
  • Selection.  We review your submission and contact you within two weeks if we wish to add it to an upcoming collection (you will not hear from us if your submission is not a fit for our product).
  • Final Design & Release.  Artist transfers final artwork in specified formats along with a signed Artwork Release Form and Babies4Babies transfers initial payment of $200.
  • Production & Promotion.  Product is created, photographed and promoted on our website and social channels. 
  • Partnership.  At a minimum, we showcase our artists with blog posts, social media tags, and recognition on product pages but we are always looking to deepen our collaborative relationships with artists to highlight both our brand and theirs. In exchange for the ongoing use and sale of their artwork, the artist receives a $1 royalty per blanket sold (in perpetuity). 

Design Guidelines

  • We use roll to roll digital printing, so while the artwork does not need to be on a perfect grid (many of our designs are not), the design must be repeating.
  • Less use of very dark colors is better, so we encourage light and limited use of blacks and very dark blues.
  • Neons don’t print perfectly, so keeping bright tones off of true neons is also recommended.
  • There are always exceptions for a phenomenal design, but we don’t generally want to print more than 50% of the white textile and prefer more dispersed designs with about 20-40% coverage. 

Design Format

JPG Submission.

  • Submit your design in lower resolution JPG on one page that includes a color key (see example below).

Final artwork must be submitted via Dropbox in the following format and file types.

  • Sizes.  46” x 46” seamlessly repeating pattern and 58” x 58” seamlessly repeating pattern.
  • Format.  Unlocked Adobe Illustrator or In Design original artwork files accompanied by print ready high resolution JPGs in both sizes.
  • Colors.  Key for Pantone, Hex, CMYK color codes.
  • Exceptions.  Artwork must be on a seamlessly repeating grid OR have white (blank) margins of at least 2" on all sides.