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March 08, 2017

I didn't know International Women's Day was a thing until I was in high school. 


My Russian friend’s father would make a big deal of it and send his daughters roses, it was a really special day for them and I wondered, wasn’t EVERY day women’s day?

But here’s the thing, in a world where women continue to be treated as second-class citizens undeserving of equal rights, equal pay, equal recognition in the history books and sovereignty over our own bodies, a day to celebrate the contributions of women is pretty much just basic.

Did you know that in the U.S. a white, single woman with no children makes $.96 on a man’s dollar but when that same woman becomes a mother she only makes $.76? YUP. Across racial, socioeconomic and geographic divides, motherhood is the biggest indicator of inequality. And that is some messed up sh*t. (Read Anne-Marie Slaughter’s book.)
The women who we literally credit for life should be able to work for a dignified paycheck, educate themselves without discrimination, make independent decisions about their bodies, travel where they like and have the exact. same. human. rights. as. men.


But at the current rate of change, this isn't likely to happen for another 169 years. >>

There is a strike today, asking women to abstain from both paid and unpaid work to call for equality by bringing attention to the massive contribution we make in all parts of society. I’ve thought a lot about where Babies4Babies can fit in. We are a women owned and operated company, our products are designed by women artists, they are crafted by women seamstresses, and each blanket purchased funds a $3 newborn kit donated to a refugee mother.
So we are open for business, but in solidarity with the Day Without A Woman, we will not be packing and shipping today. Any orders placed on March 8 will be processed on March 9.
Roses are nice, but this International Women’s Day we honor the lady trailblazers who’ve both come before us and are on this journey with us. And we unabashedly call for equality for women, with a special note for mothers who are holding up at least half the sky.  

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