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I'm gonna love on your inbox. 


It’s always been a bit of a struggle for me because I run an ecommerce business but I hate getting marketing emails. I’ll sign up to learn more about a brand and why lie, that new customer discount is nice, but mostly, unless I feel a connection, a couple of emails later I click unsubscribe and feel great doing it. 

So here's the deal, you're gonna hear from me more now (email marketing is kinda crucial in ecommerce), but I'll only send you the really good stuff and never more than four emails in a month. 
I’ll show you our products and tell you why and how we make them (get ready to geek out on ethical supply chains, lady owned American manufacturing and nontoxic digital printing); I'll tell you about the safe birth and newborn supplies your purchases will start sending into Syrian refugee camps; I’ll write about entrepreneurship and motherhood; I’ll spotlight other brands and products that you should know about; I'll feature our artists and boss women who'll inspire you; politics is totally game, too; lots of feminism in the mix; there might (will definitely be) some quality baby spam from time to time; and a couple times a year I’ll tell you about a giveaway or liquidation sale so you can stock up. Sounds pretty good, right? 
Bringing something meaningful into your inbox. That’s the kind of email marketing campaigning we’re going to do.
It’s different, but my feeling is, if our company is good to you, when you’re thinking about buying something for baby or yourself, you'll think of Babies4Babies.
You can shop our brand spankin’ new artist made collection of organic, nontoxic bassinet to beach blankets here.
More about how we brought these fine babies to life next week...
And you can sign up for our better emails here
HNY!  Hoping to see you next week, too.

Newborn Swaddles

Lots of swaddle packaging happening while we wait for this overdue baby to hatch.

Week 40

Week 40.

Our amazing friend @simplybysuzy in action at yesterday's maternity session. Capturing the last (hopefully very last!) days of my pregnancy with Suzy was such an amazing experience...and I have a feeling capturing our baby's first days with her will be even better. (We <3 you, Suzy!)

38 Weeks


The former Babies4Babies office has been transformed into a nursery. Back to the kitchen table we go!

Newborn Swaddles

Newborn Swaddles

Today's orders - shipping out!

Newborn Swaddles

Shipping Orders

Bundling up a new batch of newborn swaddles and shipping them out this afternoon. It's not glamorous work but we still kinda love it! We just added a less expensive, flat rate $4.99 USPS priority shipping option too. (Take orders at!!)

Bare Belly Shot

A first (and most likely last) bare belly shot of the baby boy. At #31weekspregnant and just a few weeks into our company's launch, life is moving fast for our family. Today, I'm reminding myself to cherish this time; simultaneously building a company and becoming a mommy is not gonna be easy, but it sure is going to be incredible.


Wanted: a group of happy elves to come help us package all this inventory!

Gift Wrap

The Babies4Babies gift wrap station. Because presentation is everything.