February is so random, here's a freebie

But first, can we do something together?

Let's go into February with open hearts and dreams for a future we can all fall in love with. ♡ If that's too much optimism for you right now, this might be more your jam (and I bet it will make you smile anyway, because, Bill Murray).

We've been busy wrapping up our first big donation of 2017. Every blanket sold this year will give a Syrian refugee mother and her newborn a kit of essential items to keep healthy and warm. This is something small we can do together, every time you make a purchase.

Speaking of making a purchase, check out our Lola Lips bassinet to beach blanket and the freebie that comes with while supplies last.

Lola Lips Babies4Babies

Help a sister out? FWD this post to your fave local baby or gift boutique.
We're growing up and going wholesale and are looking to stock our bassinet to beach blankets in a store near you.  See details here.

It's black history month, a time to talk about powerful, change-making African American heroes, like little Ruby Bridges who walked her brave, six-year-old self into an all white school in 1960 because that's how the world changes for the better. 

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