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July 06, 2017 2 Comments

 Summer beach bag essentials for babyFrom the beach to the pool, summertime means always packing for water play, which can easily turn a parent into a towel, toys and snacks pack mule. To save my back and my dignity, I have become obsessed with pairing down and can finally (most of the time) fit everything we need for a family of four into one medium sized bag or backpack.

Here's my list of essentials:

  • BASSINET TO BEACH BLANKET. Obviously, but honestly. These blankets aren't just for swaddling nor are they limited to only nursery use. Unlike basic muslin blankets, our organic double gauze is s-t-rooong, don't be shy about really putting it to use, I picnic on mine all the time. And those soft, gauzy layers are way more absorbent than you'd think, so not only does it make a great pool towel, it dries fast. Instead of packing a nursing cover, sunshade, light blanket for indoor AC, pool towel and a picnic blanket, just pack one of these and you're good. 
  • SPF.Another no brainer. Keep a big guy of sunscreen at home but go for a small tube and face stick to toss in your bag. Out of all of the non-toxic brands, I've found ThinkBaby and Beauty Counter to be the best. (I am particularly obsessed with the tiny but mighty Beauty Counter face stick.)
  • WATER BOTTLE. Duh, but get the reusable kind in the smaller ounce size and refill in public fountains (or if that grosses you out, you can pop in just about anywhere to ask for a courtesy water bottle refill). Also, make sure you get one that doesn't leak, I opt for a Contigo.
  • BATHROOM STUFF.Diapers, wipes and if you're lucky to be potty training a toddler, extra undies and cotton shorts. You never want to be that mom with no diapers, but you know your kid, so pack only what you need and in the case of an emergency, ask a stranger for a diaper (we've all been there). Also, a travel pack of wipes, I get mine from Honest
  • NON-PERISHABLE SNACKS. But only a couple. Just don't give you kid options, you aren't Kraft Services so don't feel obligated to haul around a huge and heavy assortment, they'll probably eat what you give them. Or not. 
  • WET BAG. Potty trainers, splash padders, there is no place to toss this shitty diaper caregivers, the reusable wet bag is your best friend. 
  • SMALL CLUTCH with credit card, ID, Insurance card, SPF chapstick, hand sanitizer, hair tie, sunglasses, phone. Leave you mega purse and wallet at home. Easier and safe to just carry the basics. Pro-tip: waterproof phone case.'
  • TOYS. This one is tricky because you want to bring a distraction but toy packing can get ugly really fast. I generally bring zero toys for my baby (poor second child) and let my toddler choose two small, pocket-ish size toys to carry with. 

That's it. 90% of the time this is all I'll carry with, I mean, besides the $4.99 Ikea potty, which lives in the back of my car with a tube of Clorox wipes. But hopefully the "too afraid of public restrooms" toddler stage is short lived so I can ditch the potty and get back to my minimalist roots. 

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July 13, 2017

Hey Kari! Not a silly question at all — thanks for asking it!

By sunshade I pretty much mean rigging the blanket in any way that shades you or your baby from the sun. The most common will be to toss is over your car seat when out and about so baby can sleep soundly and stay completely covered from the sun. I find putting one part of the blanket over the handlebars lets a little more breeze into the car seat. But do what works for you! xo


July 07, 2017

This may be a silly FTM question, but How do you use the bassinet to beach as a sunshade?

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