my #startupmom story : post 115

Happy Anniversary

There are a lot of things I'd do differently today, if I could go back and be a bride again: I wouldn't worry about convention or how a wedding is "supposed" to go; I wouldn't wear a traditional dress or pay for expensive flowers and cake and calligraphy (although I do love me some good calligraphy); I certainly wouldn't spend a day in massive heels; I would spend more time with my mom and a lot less time taking pictures; and I wouldn't be a bridezilla and force my maids to wear jcrew, take Zumba (lol) and stand all in a row. But some things I would do the same: I would dance a lot and drink champagne, I would actually eat my dinner and walk barefoot on the beach during sunset, I would come down the aisle to 'somewhere over the rainbow' and present myself instead of being "given away" and I would hug and smile and take off after the very last song in a yellow taxi with my husband.

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