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my #startupmom story : post 112

May 12, 2015


In the developing world, where 99% of newborn mortality occurs, sanitation at birth is critical and life saving. CHX is a powerful yet simple antiseptic that when packaged in a single use swab and rubbed on the umbilical cord before it is cut, has been shown to dramatically reduce the occurrence of infection in newborn babies, which, when it happens is almost always a death sentence. There is still a lot of field research being done around the world on the use of CHX for prevention of newborn death, some use it is gel, others swabs, and there is always a challenge in procuring it and then getting it into the right hands and used in the correct way while remaining culturally sensitive. But here's the thing, on the low end there is an opportunity to save about 1/2 million newborns every year simply but getting CHX into the hands of mothers so that's what we're on a mission to do. Bundled into your purchases is cash money we use to procure CHX and send to our NGO partners. Here are a couple boxes of CHX swabs that went out yesterday, 200 units for 200 newborns.

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