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my #startupmom story : post 105

April 16, 2015

Baby Theo

People are always asking me how I "balance" running Babies4Babies and raising my kid. Here's the thing, I don't. Being a #startupmom is my choice and I am seriously lucky to be able to do both of these super fulfilling things at once, but I am totally winging it and I fail a lot. Yesterday, I was late to three meetings because the baby needed 10 more minutes of me before his first nap. And then I let him have an epic end of day meltdown because I couldn't hold him while I wrapped up an important project. For me, motherhood is equally important as my own personhood, but instead of fighting for balance between the two, I'm working on this idea of harmonizing, allowing myself some flexibility to not be perfect, being intentional and doing my best but not holding myself to a standard I can't achieve. And that might not win me mother or entrepreneur of the year, but at the end of my always-late-epic meltdown day, I am happy.

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