my #startupmom story : post 91

Newborn Swaddle

Yesterday, I met with a social media marketing specialist about strengthening Babies4Babies' content, really getting my editorial calendar going in 2015 and working on converting our social footprint to online sales. It came up that I very rarely ASK people to buy my swaddles...and I thought a lot about why not. I think I feel a little guilty that I can't give my swaddles to every mom I meet, and sometimes I do give too freely because I know my product will improve a new mom's life, but the truth is, I'm building a business because I have a son, a family to provide for, a desire to grow in my career and to impact the world by saving 1 million newborn lives. So sell swaddles I must! As a mother and business woman, I believe in my product -- it is the most finely woven, beautifully crafted, carefully bundled swaddle out there and every single purchase gives 4 newborns a healthy and infection free start to life. That's pretty neat and I really think you should go to and buy a swaddle today for that upcoming baby shower, the new mom in your life, or best of all, as a gift for your own baby or baby-to-be.

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