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my #startupmom story : post 63

October 07, 2014

Saving Mothers

As a mother who believes every birth should be safe, it is an honor to announce and officially launch the Babies4Babies partnership with Saving Mothers! Last weekend we sat down with the incredible Saving Mothers team to learn more about how we - the Babies4Babies community - can make big impacts on the lives of mothers and their newborns. We have already packed 500 safe birth kits for mothers in Kenya with the Chlorhexidine YOU all purchased when you bought your Babies4Babies Newborn Swaddles -- you guys are literally saving 500 newborns from deadly infection and I am so overwhelmed with gratitude I could cry. (Okay, maybe I did cry...and it's not just those postpartum hormones!) I am truly grateful to each of you and to Saving Mothers for giving us an opportunity to fulfill the Babies4Babies mission to save one million newborn lives. Xo

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