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Our dear sweet friend Kate Marie Grinold Sigfusson (former Miss DC, Mommy-to-be, entrepreneur, humanitarian) who now lives in a land far, far away (Chicago), has just announced the launch of her business Babies4Babies. The startup designs, manufactures and sells luxury baby textiles online at The first product, the Newborn Swaddle, is made from the highest end Japanese muslin cotton and is manufactured at a family-owned fair-wage facility in the Windy City.

Babies4Babies plans to release several more newborn products this year. This company BTW, is great for me personally as it’s raining babies in my world … well, in my friends’ worlds that is.

Babies4Babies is a for-profit social impact brand.  It’s conscious capitalism at its best. Think Tom’s Shoes. With Babies4Babies’ “buy one, save two” model the customer is empowered to give back through their purchase; bundled into the cost of every product is funding for two life-saving medical treatments for two babies in need.

The Babies4Babies brand is built on honesty, transparency, and love and compassion for all babies. You can follow them on Twitter, Instagram, learn from Mommy Advisors, read their blog and so much more. The company is very much into sharing experiences, so feel free to tell via photos or tweets about your gifts and the products. I know I’m going to be buying a LOT from Babies4Babies these next few years and will feel good about giving and saving lives.

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