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George Washington Gift Guide

September 24, 2014

GW Gift Guide

This post first appeared on the George Washington University's GW Magazine. 

Shelter yourself from the coming storm of seasonal sales and must-have pitches by shopping early. We even did the legwork for you: GW Magazine’s first-ever gift guide puts a spotlight on gifts that will double as a pat on the back for a fellow Colonial—and, with some of these, even triple as a good deed for someone in need. 


When a parent wraps a child in a hand-sewn cotton blanket from Babies4Babies, both the kid and the parent can feel warm and fuzzy. The company, launched by Kate Marie Grinold Sigfusson, BA ’08, operates with a “buy one, save two” philosophy: Through partnerships with humanitarian and public health organizations abroad, each blanket sale funds the purchase of two tubes of an antiseptic gel used to prevent infection in newborns, often where the umbilical cord is cut. The blankets are made for swaddling—new parents might appreciate the step- by-step instructions on the website—but these could easily suit any number of uses. Ms. Sigfusson also is working on expanding Babies4Babies to include products for older children, which will be similarly paired with lifesaving treatments. 

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