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what's in my bag? lot's of tums

April 05, 2014

Pregnancy bag essentials

So I’ve reached the third trimester and I’m traveling. A lot. The good news is, my wardrobe is now so limited by my giant belly, that packing is a breeze. But what about my other needs? Because these days, I have a lot. While I’m usually very particular about which bag matches today’s outfit, my priorities have changed to using the largest tote I own. Every day. And night. No matter what the event. No matter what the outfit. That’s because – at any given time – I need one or more of the following:

Tums(for my scorching heartburn). You guys. Pregnancy heartburn is one of the worst things EVER. Unfortunately, I suffered from fairly aggressive heartburn before this whole growing-a-human situation, so I expected it… but wooooow! I’m starting to learn what sets it off so that I can avoid those things. Think: soda, red sauces, eating too little, eating too much, lack of water. Anyway… Tums have become my best friend. A fellow preggo informed me the other day that eating a red apple can also keep heartburn at bay. I’m gonna have to test that theory out.

Water(seriously, I’m a camel). Doctors say early on to make sure and guzzle your eight or more ounces of water every day, but I had no idea how thirsty I’d be! This baby takes all the water she can get. Not to mention, my skin is much dryer than it ever has been. Normally, I have very oily, acne-prone skin, but the “pregnancy glow” has cleared it up, while also causing increasing flakiness. I drink at least two liters of water a day now. I only know this metric measurement because it’s printed right on the bottle. This is not including what I have to keep on my bedside table to drink throughout the night.

 A change of shoes(swollen feet/ankles are NO JOKE). Ooooh my gosh. Every morning, I hobble my way into the bathroom and it feels like thousands of tiny pins are sticking to my feet. That’s after laying horizontal all night… on my left side… because that’s what all the baby experts say is best for circulation. No such luck. Being up and walking around all day doesn’t help. My size 7.5 shoes no longer contain my plus-size feet by the end of the day. It’s really, really attractive.

Reading material(planes, trains, hotel rooms… this is my life). A good friend gave me the book BabyWise at the beginning of my pregnancy and told me that if I read ONE piece of material during pregnancy, it should be this little gem. It’s all about sleep training for the baby (which results in sleep-getting for the lucky parents), and I have to say, it’s been very interesting! Of course, I can’t apply the lessons learned yet, (our English Bulldog is a GREAT sleeper – we have to wake her up to remind her to go to the bathroom and eat) but at least I have a head start. Hubby even got himself a copy, so we’ll have the best chance we can get… right???? I also try to at least skim the entirety of the Washington Post and check out the home page of CNN every day. I don’t like living in a black hole of pregnancy overload. And let’s be honest, the news really puts my problems into perspective. (Yay?)

Sunglasses(duh). Hide those under eye bags, ladies. They aren’t going anywhere with the erratic sleep pattern adopted with pregnancy.

Hand sanitizer (I have become SUCH a germaphobe). If I’m this bad now, what will happen when Baby comes?

Itinerary(Who/What/Where/When am I going again?). Pregnancy brain. It’s not a myth.

I’m sure this list will get longer and I can only assume that all of this is – yet again – practice and preparation for the 3487546 things Baby will need at any given time, once she arrives. The bag will change and be more broken-in and its contents will be less-than-glamourous, but the end result will be the same: keeping Mom and Baby happy and sane!

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