third trimester essentials

Third Trimester Essentials
1. Veuve Clicquot  to keep chilled and ready to pop when the baby arrives!


2. BFF Belly Bandit helps your poor, stretched out uterus shrink back to its original pear size so you can get back in pants that button after baby is born. (Obviously, this is to use only after you deliver your little one and make sure you get the a-okay from your doctor.)

3. Birth Ball for bouncing your way out of the third trimester. This bouncy ball found in gyms and hospitals alike help baby to drop down and engage leading up to labor. Kind of goofy, but doctors, midwives and nurses all seem to recommend getting your bounce on.

4. Black Nursing Tanks and bras are great both during and after delivery for you nursing mamas. (Don’t forget to pack one or two in your hospital bag.)

5. Uniqlo Undies are as cute and seam free as granny panties get. Stock up on dark colors for those postpartum days and weeks. (Fit true to size but you’re having a baby, which can also add a little booty so consider sizing up one size.)

6. Booby Tubes fit into your bra or nursing tank and sooth your girls (hot or cold) as your milk comes in and beyond.

7. New Mama Bottom Spray and Mama Bottom Balm by Earth Mama Angel Baby are postpartum musts for mamas who deliver via v-birth.

8. Natural Nipple Butter by Earth Mama Angel Baby is soothing for mama and lanolin free for baby. Pack this is your hospital bag and start using as soon as you start breastfeeding (before your nips have a chance to suffer).

9. Dior Hydralife BB Crème is our favorite all in one moisturizer and cover up because it leaves the tired mama looking dewy and fresh.

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