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DIY animal coat rack, y'all!

October 04, 2014

DIY Animal Coat Rack


My husband Paul loves animals. I’m confident that his main motivations to leave the city when it comes time will be, in particular order: 1. A dog 2. The price of education for our little guy. When we got married the deal was I had essential free reign over the wedding planning and he, the honeymoon planning. Out of respect we ran ideas past one another but ultimately we pulled the trigger on our given “projects”. Part one of our honeymoon was here in South Africa where we rode around in a safari jeep for a good 8 hours a day looking for the big 5 and various other stinky animals. I was skeptical at first, especially when they confirmed our daily wake up calls for 4:45am {this idea was conveniently not run by me}, but I had such a brilliant time. It didn’t hurt that our jeep was shared with 2 amazing couples and that there were cocktails mid-ride. Every ride. Awesome. Other than when you have to tinkle in the middle of the safari. But don’t worry, they let the ladies out and kept watch for leopards. Not even kidding. Beyond that, our next honeymoon stop was the Maldives. I could have sat outside of our little villa on the hammock reading for an entire week with breaks to only get more water & suntan lotion but alas we went diving {again, how he initially talked me into this I am not sure} a few times and we saw lots of animals, including sharks & eels that reminded me far too much of The Little Mermaid. And you’re like, where in the world are you going with this and how does it have anything to do with a baby? I’M GETTING THERE!

When we found out we were having a boy we were both elated.We both also knew, without discussion, that we wanted the nursery to feel like a child’s room.

It is easy to make a baby’s room an extension or reflection of your personal style. Like a guest room or your second master bedroom design palette. You know what I mean? An easy trap to fall into, especially here in NYC, but we wanted to avoid that. Our goal was to use general colors that could be used for a little girl, with the exchange of one color, down the road. And so we landed on mint, gray, and navy blue. And animals! {I told you I would get to the connection!} Like a little boy likes! I’m sure monster trucks are coming into the picture at some point but I am not about to hang that NASCAR business from our walls yet.

Little kids clothes are kind of the cutest. Like really, really cute. And so another early on decision was I wanted to feature at least one at all times. That requires a coat rack. A really, really cute coat rack. This is what I came up with!


Step 1: Sand & paint your piece of wood.

Step 2: My plastic animals weren’t hollow. I wish my plastic animals had been hollow. But, that’s just because I’d already done my arm workout for the day. Grab your hand saw & get to work on cutting the plastic animals into 2 pieces. {I saved the rears of my plastic animals … I may just have to make another one of these guys soon!} If you’re not in NYC your hardware store may just cut these guys for you. But alas, they don’t cut wood at the Home Depot in NYC. Don’t ask.

Step 3: Sand down the sides that you sawed. Trust me, they’re going to need a little bit of TLC. Especially if they’re not hollow.

Optional Step 4: You can paint the little guys. Spray or with a brush. I had planned on painting mine gray or navy but when I laid them out on my painted piece of wood I didn’t want to mess with them. They were too cute!

Step 5: Attach your hanging hardware to the back of the piece of wood. I suggest you do one on either side {left & right} in the event that you’re hanging something heavier on one side. You want to make sure it doesn’t get all wonky and uneven on you!

Step 6: Grab your industrial adhesive {I, per usual, used my trusty e-6000} or glue gun and glue your animals to the wood. Hold in place for a few moments and then allow them to dry, at least, over night. Even better if you can give them 24 hours to make sure they’re secure.

Step 7: Hang!

Note: This is great to use in a kid’s room or even for jewelry, keys, etc. But, of course, the heavier the items you’re hanging on the coat rack {like, well, a real adult coat} you may want to consider using a screw from the back side to safely secure the animals.

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