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when buying baby bottles, go big

October 25, 2014

If there’s one thing I got wrong in preparing for baby, it was registering for bottles.

I just found nine bottles, still in their boxes, in the back of a cabinet. I currently already have nine bottles in rotation. It's ridiculous. 


I had this idea of holding a tiny little baby in my arms and slowly feeding it small ounces of milk. So I registered for and bought six 4oz bottles. They seemed perfectly sized for a newborn. And they were… for about one month.

Before I knew it, my teeny, tiny, little baby was getting fatter and drinking upwards of 8oz per serving! There I was, with a crying, half full baby in my arms, running back and forth to the kitchen filling up and heating a second 4oz bottle to continue the meal.

Tomorrow, I will return the nine unused bottles. Then I will pack up my tiny, 4oz bottles, leaving me with five 8oz bottles and more recently, baby food jars.

When buying bottles for baby, learn from my mistake and go with the big bottles from the beginning.

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