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swaddling, taquito style

July 19, 2014

Before I became a mom, I had always heard about the swaddle.

People raved about it. Whole books were written about its wonders. When I was pregnant, I even read said books and thought I had it all figured out. Then I had the baby (cue dramatic music) and I had to figure this swaddling thing out. 

My baby, Peter, is a very relaxed kid, but in those first two weeks while we were figuring each other out, one thing was for sure, he wasn’t happy. Feeding came easily, even sleeping. Yet something was still not right and he would fuss and fuss. I would swath him in blankets, let him suck on my fingers and rock him gently while trying to make the sound of what, I assumed, my insides sounded like.

So, I posted to Facebook my joys tinged with a subtle cry for help on the fussing part. My friends picked up on it and offered kind suggestions: to swaddle. One friend posted a link to a video on how to do the swaddle right. Of course, I had been doing it wrong all along! I was being caring and gentle when I should have been caring and firm!

So now, I type this in the silence of my home at 8pm as my sweet little turnip headed baby sleeps in his swaddle. With a little help from the experts on the basics of swaddling, every mother develops her own swaddle technique, and for me, the origami of the swaddle is less of a burrito and more of a taquito. It’s so much easier to fold the long piece of cloth in half and spool him up tightly. Peter’s little toes hang out a bit, but he likes being more of a mummy. As long as it’s tight, he will smile up at me from the crib and three minutes later he’ll be fast asleep.

So yes, the swaddle is key, but the configuration can be your choice of rolled Mexican food, as long as it’s tight!

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