peter's birth story

You can never really be truly prepared for your first time giving birth but I sure tried.

I watched A Baby Story like everyone else. But that was before I got pregnant. So I watched it again – and with completely different eyes – after I got pregnant. Under the advisement of my granola friends I watched The Business of Being Born. It didn’t change my mind on home births but rather reinforced my earlier decision of wanting to have a hospital birth. I like things sanitized and medicated, in fact I want that as a bumper sticker.

So I was prepared for a dramatic birth story and twenty-four hours later to be holding my newborn son. But actually getting to that was a lot easier than I anticipated.

I had made the decision to only have my husband and I (and a cast of medical professionals) in the room upon the baby’s arrival. About 12 hours into labor, I even consider doing it without medication but under the great advice of a nurse I was prepped for immediate relief in case I changed my mind.

The one thing I had not anticipated was how much I would be tweeting and posting to Facebook over those 24 hours. Somehow tweeting crazy thoughts and pictures of the hall I walked kept me company. The faint buzz off my phone reminded me that people were “liking” my post announcing that I was going into labor, and it made me feel like I had a cheering section supporting me along the way.

A self-admitted frequent social media poster, a month before the birth, I had already decided what would be my “birth announcement” post. No, it would not be an image of the baby and definitely not one of me! My office had taken to calling my birth “splashdown,” the perfect term to describe something both scientifically amazing and disgusting. The last weeks of pregnancy I changed my Facebook profile picture to a lunar capsule descending to earth under a canopy of parachutes. As the baby was getting his APGAR test I reached for my iPad and posted an image of an astronaut exiting a capsule...

The perfect final touch to an easy birth shared with a virtual family.

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