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Meet Nicole Seifert

My parents raised my younger sister and I in Virginia, but I have a love affair with France and sometimes need reminding that I am not French.

I am an avid reader, painter, and dabbler in all things crafty. I live in Old Town, Alexandria with my nine-year-old Japanese Chin, Zsa Zsa, my darling husband, Brad who is the rock of our family, and my daughter, Finleigh who was born on October 24, 2012 (my little Scorpio, already a firecracker!). Brad and I want a lot of things for Finleigh, but our main goal is for her to be compassionate, curious, giving, kind, and confident. (We try leading by example.)

Among other things, I blog on Babysteps (the Babies4Babies blog) about the best baby products out there, raising Finleigh, and DIY home crafting. You can also keep up Finleigh and I on Instagram!

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