meet mommy advisor, leigh-taylor

Meet Mommy Advisor, Leigh-Taylor Sigfusson

I am Southern by birth, Yankee by transplant, and married to the sweetest Midwesterner around.

Paul & I were married 4 years after we met in our now hometown of New York City. One year later we are so thrilled to be welcoming our first child into this shared adventure.

I’m in the final stages of launching my start-up venture, Craft Box DIY to Go, a project inspired by the marriage of urban crafting & the creative talents of my sweet Southern mama. Which brings me to my next and final point: our moms made it look easy. They juggled PTA, birthday parties, crazy kids, and dinners for all. They went to bed far after we did and woke up before the sun rose. And both of them did it with a smile on their faces, joy in their hearts, and a zest for the Lord.

So you can probably see the challenge here. I am so excited to tackle the challenges of motherhood with the trustiest of sidekicks, Paul. My blogs will be pretty straight-forward. I’ve never been good at that sugar coating Southern thing. Just ask my mom. 

Read my blogs about nursery crafting and getting ready to raise my baby in the big apple on the Craft Box DIY to Go Blog!

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