meet mommy advisor, eloise

Meet Mommy Advisor, Eloise Southard

Hi! I’m Eloise. I live in Charleston, South Carolina with my husband Bo, my dogs Kingsley and Winnie, and my precious baby girl Landon.

After meeting at age 11 at youth group, my husband Bo and I reunited in New York City in 2005 where we quickly fell in love and were married in 2008.  On September 6, 2013 we welcomed our baby Landon into the world. After a pretty scary delivery, we began a life long journey that includes facing a rare syndrome. Our precious bundle was diagnosed with Treacher Collins Syndrome within hours of being born. Landon has bilateral Microtia Atresia and wears two Baha hearing aids. Although adjusting to what would become our journey was a process, I would not change a second of any of it. Landon, “our bug,” has grown into the happiest baby I’ve ever met and has filled our lives with hope, wonder, joy, and laughter.

You can get to know me on my blog, The Southard Diaries. Hop on over to read Landon’s birth story and all about my first year of motherhood and beyond.

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