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to all the baby daddies-to-be

August 23, 2014

My friend’s husband, Matt, a new baby daddy-to-be, just sent me a classic email. I thought about paraphrasing it, but it’s too amazing (in a sweet way) and paraphrasing wouldn’t do it justice:

“Hi Nicole,

I was hoping you could provide me some guidance. I don’t know the first thing about Moms. Like, where do I get “cute” maternity clothes, baby clothes, baby gear, etc? Like, is there a magic website that will tell me all I need to know?! This may shock you, butBow Hunter andWaterfowling magazines don’t have this kind of information. Can you believe that?



To Matt and all of the other baby dads-to-be,

The fact that you’re asking this stuff shows that you care. That means more than you realize. Showing your support comes in a lot of different ways… and I think the simple ways can be the most meaningful. (Except for the push present – this is very important.) Something to keep telling your wife throughout her pregnancy is how proud you are of her. The nicest thing my husband Brad ever said to me when I was a new mom was, “you’re doing a really great job.” I don’t know if someone told him to tell me that or if he thought of it on his own… but hearing those words were and are an incredible boost. Feelings of holy shit, am I doing this right? are normal, so encouragement is essential.


Maternity Clothes (If you buy her clothes, you are hubby of the year.)

  • Old Navy I was SHOCKED by how much I loved their maternity clothes.
  • Gilt Group has designer maternity clothes under the “baby and kids” tab. (Rosie Pope is amazing.)
  • A Pea In the Pod is a little pricey but I got their line of jeans for a steal ($75 is low for this store) and they were my favorite. They also have great leggings and tank tops.
  • Topshop has an awesome maternity line.
  • J.Crew has a new maternity line.


  • Both Brad and I got weekly email alerts from Baby Center. You just plug in your info and when your baby is due and BAM, you get to know which fruit your baby resembles that week and what else is happening. It’s cool. Oh, if you want to feel really normal and good about yourself, check out the community boards.
  • Lucie’s List is awesome and super informative (about everything).

Baby Clothes (I was weirdly concerned about what I was going to dress Finleigh in. Like everything else… I had no idea.)

  • You will need Newborn sizes for clothes. No one really told me that and when Fin came along, weighing a healthy 8 pounds 4 ounces, she still wouldn’t fit into her 0-3 month clothes. Here are some ideas for what baby will be wearing those first few weeks.
  • Onesie (this one is made by Kissy Kissy) and/or a Converter Gown.
  • For Finleigh’s first several weeks you couldn’t even see she was wearing because I had her swaddled 24/7.
  • If you like a certain style of clothes, make sure you put your preferences on your baby registry so people get an idea. I personally don’t like graphics or words…  so you didn’t see that on my registry.
  • I love the classic smocking… but not so much the price tag associated, so, I went the consignment route and had amazing luck.

Baby Gear(I love baby gear and am going to write an entire blog about it. In the meantime, check out Heather’s registry blog here.)

And lastly, a "push present." This is a must. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

 You got this, bro.

xo Nic

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