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bringing home baby

November 08, 2014

Heather Zimmerman

Oh. My. The hospital released this precious little bundle of babyliciousness to me and hubs assuming we know the first thing about how to raise it.

What an overwhelming, excited, scary, exhausting, happy and painful first week. Recovering from child birth and caring for a newborn is some sort of cruel joke by Mother Nature to ensure we don’t do this again, for a very long time.

Because I’m the one sharing, let’s start with me. I have stitches, swelling, leakage, and some SERIOUS bags under my eyes. Going to the bathroom is an event. Getting out of bed is a joke. The only consolation is that, thank goodness, this babe sleeps every second in between her feedings and diaper changes. Granted, these are approximately every hour and a half to two hours, all day, every day. I am exclusively breastfeeding. This is a feat in and of itself. Did you know the babies DON’T come out knowing what they are supposed to do? I have to teach her. Like I know what I’m doing. Come on. At least the discomfort from that makes me temporarily forget about the pain the rest of my body is feeling. Thank goodness for the drugs from the hospital. It is beyond me why it’s ok that I take Motrin and Percocet while breastfeeding, but who am I to question?

This is pure survival mode week, people.

My incredible husband is… well, incredible. He is waking up during the night when I do, just to give moral support, hold my hand, and maybe change a diaper or two. What have we done? I do recognize and appreciate the fact that we have it easy, compared to most. It is his offseason, and we literally have no other commitments to our day, other than caring for this delicate little being. Praise Folgers. Oh wait. Except, that’s right. I can’t drink coffee while I’m breastfeeding. It’s fine. Again, we are lucky and I know that. I’m also somewhat comforted by the fact that it is chilly and unpleasant outside, and I’m really not missing much. Because I don’t think I am going to step foot out of the front door again for a very long time.

We chose to do newborn pictures with Mackenzie this week, as well. 4 days after having a baby is not exactly prime model mode. But we want to remember these days, no matter how rough they might be. Thankfully, a friend’s Mother in Law was able to take these pictures for us. It was certainly more relaxing to have someone familiar in the house. Oh, did I mention this was the one time the baby decided NOT to sleep? We had to nurse, take a few photos, nurse again, and try to snap a few more pictures. Worth every difficult moment. 

My parents live about 30 minutes away from us. My sister is about 20 minutes the other direction. We have had much appreciated visits and help these first few days. I have never been so glad to live where I grew up. It’s so important to have the support and kind words of family and friends these first few days. Not to mention, it helps to remind us that there is actually a world still spinning and carrying on as normal, despite our confused, incoherent state. Certainly, this has been the most life-altering week for all of us, thus far. And so begins our life as parents!


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