packing for the big day

The biggest take away: don’t over pack.

Even the “private” rooms, (side note: pay for the private room, you do NOT want to share) have limited space. Whether recovering from a C-section or V-birth, I can pretty much guarantee you will be uncomfortable and NOT wanting to fish through 200 magazines you didn’t read to find the nipple cream you packed. Below are some items I’d rec with some random thoughts thrown in.

(FYI, you can get most of these from Target.)

  • Your own Pillow(s).
  • Dark grey socks. Your feet get cold and the hospital socks are HIDEOUS. You bleed a lot, crazy amounts (don’t be nervous, it’s normal and for whatever reason, not gross at the time). Just stay far away from anything white.
  • Robe and/or a long, open sweater.
  • Nursing tanks. I still wear them to sleep at night… Essential if breastfeeding.
  • Nursing bra. I wore during surgery (C-section) under my gown because I immediately nursed after surgery.
  • Slippers.
  • Chapstick. I wasn’t even breathing that hard (maybe I was, I don’t know). At any rate, I was thankful I had lip balm.
  • Leggings. You want ones that ride either really low or really high. I preferred high. The incision scar (if you get C-section) is super low, which is great post recovery but definitely in an awkward spot for underwear and pants.
  • Big bag. You get lots of gifts in the hospital you will need to bring home.
  • Earth Angel Nipple Butter. DON’T GET THE LANOLIN. It’s thick and hard to spread. The butter will feel like…well, butter.
  • Soothies. You will look at the price and raise your eyebrows. But I kid you not, you would pay $12,234 for these things if you feel like your nipple is falling off. They WORK, and QUICKLY.
  • Camera.
  • Chargers.
  • Toiletries. You can get travel-sized versions of everything. Even deodorant.
  • Dry shampoo. You can’t shower for a day after a C-section.
  • 3 Babies4Babies Swaddles. You will want one for your baby’s first time bundled, one if you plan on taking newborn photos in the hospital, and one extra on hand to use as a nursing cover and for burping.
  • Baby outfit to bring your little one home.
  • Speaking of baby… need that car seat!
  • A magazine or a downloaded movie on your iPad. I am an avid reader, but lack of brainpower prevented me from being able to form sentences in the hospital.
  • Push play list with your favorite songs!
  • Not a must have, but something I brought and used was Lavender essential oil on my temples and wrists.  I am a big believer in the power of oils. Oh, and epidurals.
  • Take EVERYTHING from the rolling cart and then ask for a refill. I’m talking diapers, wipes, blankets and the major must have, pads/ mesh undies for you. Don’t be shy, you paid for it all.
  • The pads and mesh undies need to be reiterated. Someone had told me that I would like the hospital underwear and I politely thanked her for the advice but totally judged her. Mesh underwear? Pedestrian. Sooo, I was wrong. The mesh underwear is incredible. I brought home tons of them and had a panic attack when I ran out. And I had bought pads but ended up using the hospital ones because they were far superior. You will eventually run out of hospital pads. Buy ones that do not have wings. The wings get stuck unless you had a Brazilian.

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