baby gear for home and travel (from a baseball wifey)

This past year has been such a learning experience in so many ways. In a 10 month span, I got engaged and married, went on a dream honeymoon to a place I knew nothing about (South Africa), and then… surprise! Pregnant. And then came all the learning.

Like, ohmygosh – let’s put aside the pregnancy questions for a second and instead focus on the fact that I didn’t know babies need so much stuff! – learning.

Let me tell ya, there are few things more intimidating in this world than attempting to create a useful baby registry! Accessories NOT included with your little bundle of joy.

Although I am one of the first in my group of friends to have a baby, I was lucky to have a few experienced moms to help me along this getting ready for baby adventure.

In my case, I will not only be stocking up on supplies for the nursery and around town, but also need a plethora of additional things for traveling with a brand new babe. Here’s the thing with my husband’s job: it requires traveling for nine months of the year. Lucky for us, I love to travel. I thrive on it! Spontaneity is my middle name. But throw a baby into the mix, and hey, I’m always up for a challenge!

Anyway, straight from my baby registry, in case it helps you, here are my personal baby basics for both home and travel.

Baby basics for home (I have to through in a HUGE thank you to my girlfriends who provided me with their must-have for home lists to get started!)

  • Stroller
  • Car seat
  • Bassinet
  • Swaddles
  • Diapers, wipes, etc.
  • Tutus (essential)
  • Onesies (lots of them)
  • Seats that bounce and swing and rock
  • Baby monitor
  • Bottles, breastfeeding gear, etc.

    Baby necessities for on the road (Welp, then I needed a little help from my girls in the baseball world. Because traveling with an infant can be done. You just have to know how to do it. And how to pack all of baby’s gear and mom’s wardrobe in one suitcase. My baseball momma veterans taught me the ABSOLUTE necessity of owning these baby items specifically for traveling with the team.)

    • Lightweight travel crib
    • Cheap, foldable travel stroller for the airport
    • Feeding/changing/sleep timer
    • Durable diaper bag
    • A quiet, travel-friendly, battery-operated breast pump

    It’s going to be quite the learning experience year. I cannot count my lucky stars enough that my little girl is at least arriving during the offseason. Three glorious, baseball-free months to do nothing but “relax” at home with hubby and baby as we try to figure out the instructions for our new little human. 

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