baby steps

The Babies4Babies story began in January 2013 with a simple idea: create beautiful, quality, luxury baby swaddles to fund high impact, life saving medicine for newborn babies in the developing world, where 99% of all child mortality occurs. 

The first step was to file our LLC paperwork with the great state of Illinois. Check! Then, we put our business plan duckies in a nice little row, started sourcing fabric and sought out to partner with the most efficient, high impact NGOs.

In May 2013 we opened our social channels and invited the world (a.k.a. family and friends) to follow our startup "babysteps" as we built the luxury baby brand on a mission to save one million newborn lives.

One year-ish later, we are in business, babies! Check out our shop and give good to do good! #1saves4

This is only beginning. xo 

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