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 Summer beach bag essentials for babyFrom the beach to the pool, summertime means always packing for water play, which can easily turn a parent into a towel, toys and snacks pack mule. To save my back and my dignity, I have become obsessed with pairing down and can finally (most of the time) fit everything we need for a family of four into one medium sized bag or backpack.

Here's my list of essentials:

  • BASSINET TO BEACH BLANKET. Obviously, but honestly. These blankets aren't just for swaddling nor are they limited to only nursery use. Unlike basic muslin blankets, our organic double gauze is s-t-rooong, don't be shy about really putting it to use, I picnic on mine all the time. And those soft, gauzy layers are way more absorbent than you'd think, so not only does it make a great pool towel, it dries fast. Instead of packing a nursing cover, sunshade, light blanket for indoor AC, pool towel and a picnic blanket, just pack one of these and you're good. 
  • SPF. Another no brainer. Keep a big guy of sunscreen at home but go for a small tube and face stick to toss in your bag. Out of all of the non-toxic brands, I've found ThinkBaby and Beauty Counter to be the best. (I am particularly obsessed with the tiny but mighty Beauty Counter face stick.)
  • WATER BOTTLE. Duh, but get the reusable kind in the smaller ounce size and refill in public fountains (or if that grosses you out, you can pop in just about anywhere to ask for a courtesy water bottle refill). Also, make sure you get one that doesn't leak, I opt for a Contigo.
  • BATHROOM STUFF. Diapers, wipes and if you're lucky to be potty training a toddler, extra undies and cotton shorts. You never want to be that mom with no diapers, but you know your kid, so pack only what you need and in the case of an emergency, ask a stranger for a diaper (we've all been there). Also, a travel pack of wipes, I get mine from Honest
  • NON-PERISHABLE SNACKS. But only a couple. Just don't give you kid options, you aren't Kraft Services so don't feel obligated to haul around a huge and heavy assortment, they'll probably eat what you give them. Or not. 
  • WET BAG. Potty trainers, splash padders, there is no place to toss this shitty diaper caregivers, the reusable wet bag is your best friend. 
  • SMALL CLUTCH with credit card, ID, Insurance card, SPF chapstick, hand sanitizer, hair tie, sunglasses, phone. Leave you mega purse and wallet at home. Easier and safe to just carry the basics. Pro-tip: waterproof phone case.'
  • TOYS. This one is tricky because you want to bring a distraction but toy packing can get ugly really fast. I generally bring zero toys for my baby (poor second child) and let my toddler choose two small, pocket-ish size toys to carry with. 

That's it. 90% of the time this is all I'll carry with, I mean, besides the $4.99 Ikea potty, which lives in the back of my car with a tube of Clorox wipes. But hopefully the "too afraid of public restrooms" toddler stage is short lived so I can ditch the potty and get back to my minimalist roots. 

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Southern Select popup Nashville

Southern Select welcomes the public to attend their Pop-Up Shop on Friday, June 2nd from 1 pm -6 pm AND Saturday, June 3rd from 9 am-5pm at Aerial Nashville located at 411 Broadway in downtown.

Join this FREE community event that will feature a thoughtfully curated selection of the best in baby, child, and lifestyle dreamt up by the next generation of Southern talent. There will also be children’s entertainment.

Conscious Corner Pop-Up Invitation

Conscious Corner is a social good block party: a curated collection of amazing do good brands. Come shop and give back the first Friday of every summer month.

Meet up with Saira from Babies4Babies and these amazing socially conscious brands...

5000 PIES: The most delicious pizza company that transforms the lives of young adults in West Long Beach through culinary employment and life skills coaching.

ALLKIIND: Ethically made lifestyle products that challenge, celebrate, and give back.

ATILIAY: Hand lettering + giving back. Specializing in greeting cards for all occasions.

BREAK DOWN WALLS: Ethically made clothing with a purpose. Every purchase you make helps build playgrounds for children in different countries

CHARITY WRAP: Fashion and accessories that support organizations empower those who have been battered, abused, and neglected.

FIREFLY WINELIGHTS: Bottles & jars. repurposed for a greater purpose. Every purchase benefits The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.

HUMBLE PROJECT: Apparel and accessories and platform for you to share your TIME, TALENT, or TREASURE with the less fortunate. 

REMNANT INTERNATIONAL: Headbands and apparel that empower the abused and neglected women of northern Uganda through the trades of screen printing and sewing.

TOTE PROJECT: Fair trade, organic tote bags sewn by human trafficking survivors.

YUHME: The world's most eco-friendly, reusable water bottle with a purpose



Pop-Up with Babies4Babies and Buru at The Tot
Join us at The Tot Playhouse for a Pop-Up with Buru and Babies4Babies! 


Meet the founders behind the brands, shop and enjoy bubbly from One Hope Wine and locally sourced, organic treats. BYO baby, this is a very kid friendly event. See you there! 

Our summer pop-up series is about to kick off and I want to make sure you know where to find us and our latest artist made collection of bassinet to beach blankets in real life (I mean, besides online).

So here are the pop-up shop basics, just make sure you’re following Babies4Babies on Instagram for all of our summer event details.

May 30 -- Dallas, TX

June 1 – Long Beach, CA

June 2 & 3 – Nashville, TN

July 7 – Long Beach, CA

August 4 – Long Beach, CA

TBD Brooklyn, NY

TBD Hamptons, NY

TBD Chicago, IL

We have airline points, travel cribs and are ready to roll into boutiques, markets and even private homes…so what additional stops should we put on the calendar? LMK and Saira and I will see if we can make it happen. 

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We're big big fans of Let's Be Fair, it's a lifestyle blog focused on ethically sourced, fairly traded, life impacting purchases. Totally up our ally! We are really excited to be featured on their site right now and we're doing a little giveaway to celebrate -- hop over to to check it out and then follow both them and us on Instagram to win a $75 Babies4Babies gift card. (Entry rules and details on Instagram.)

I didn't know International Women's Day was a thing until I was in high school. 


My Russian friend’s father would make a big deal of it and send his daughters roses, it was a really special day for them and I wondered, wasn’t EVERY day women’s day?

But here’s the thing, in a world where women continue to be treated as second-class citizens undeserving of equal rights, equal pay, equal recognition in the history books and sovereignty over our own bodies, a day to celebrate the contributions of women is pretty much just basic.

Did you know that in the U.S. a white, single woman with no children makes $.96 on a man’s dollar but when that same woman becomes a mother she only makes $.76? YUP. Across racial, socioeconomic and geographic divides, motherhood is the biggest indicator of inequality. And that is some messed up sh*t. (Read Anne-Marie Slaughter’s book.)
The women who we literally credit for life should be able to work for a dignified paycheck, educate themselves without discrimination, make independent decisions about their bodies, travel where they like and have the exact. same. human. rights. as. men.


But at the current rate of change, this isn't likely to happen for another 169 years. >>

There is a strike today, asking women to abstain from both paid and unpaid work to call for equality by bringing attention to the massive contribution we make in all parts of society. I’ve thought a lot about where Babies4Babies can fit in. We are a women owned and operated company, our products are designed by women artists, they are crafted by women seamstresses, and each blanket purchased funds a $3 newborn kit donated to a refugee mother.
So we are open for business, but in solidarity with the Day Without A Woman, we will not be packing and shipping today. Any orders placed on March 8 will be processed on March 9.
Roses are nice, but this International Women’s Day we honor the lady trailblazers who’ve both come before us and are on this journey with us. And we unabashedly call for equality for women, with a special note for mothers who are holding up at least half the sky.  


FRIDAY, March 10th 1 pm – 6 pm  -- > SATURDAY, March 11th 9 am – 5 pm

Charleston, SC – Southern Select welcomes the public to attend their Pop Up Shop on Friday, March 10th from 1 pm - 6 pm AND Saturday, March 11th from 9 am - 5pm at The Cigar Factory located at 701 East Bay Road in Charleston.  Join this FREE community event that will feature a thoughtfully curated selection of the best in baby, child, and lifestyle dreamt up by the next generation of Southern talent. There will also be children’s entertainment.

Vendors include:



Hausful @hausful

Modern South @modernsouthstudio

The Blue Root @theblueroot

Textured Design Co @texturedesignco

LB Brand Hub @thelbbrand

Suite 33 @suite33charleston

The Charleston Weekender @charlestonweekender

Leigh Webber @leighwebber

Shop Buru @shopburu

Blanqi Girls @blanqigirls

Casuarina Fine Jewelry @casuarinajewelry



Babies 4 Babies @babies4babies

Wash with Water @washwithwater

Hemming Birds @hemming_birds

Little Stand Out @littlestandout

Templeton Silver @templetonsilver

Moda Baby @modababyusa

Boop Baby



Seed Factory @seedfactory

Opposite of Far @oppositeoffar

Savage Seed @savageseeds

Punch Bug Kids @punchbugkidscharleston

Gunner & Lux @gunnerandlux

Starry Night Designs @starryknightdesign

Love Lane Designs @lovelanedesigns

Poppy & Hen @poppyandhen

Peaches Shoppe @shoppeaches

Minnow @minnowswim 

This is what her text said: “FYI I had a baby a couple hours ago.”

But let me back up a sec…

A few months ago I gave up a piece of what I’d bootstrapped and built from the ground up and took on an equity partner. She was pregnant, had a toddler and cobbled together her work from home hours because early stage entrepreneurship and affording full time childcare don’t usually go hand in hand.

Basically, by “traditional” work standards, it was either the worst timing or the wrong partner, so it’s a good thing I care zero about old school workplaces and rigidly defined roles because bringing Saira on as my business partner was the best decision I’ve ever made for Babies4Babies.

This week, Saira sent me a text message: “FYI I had a baby a couple hours ago.” A couple hours ago?! WUT? Wasn’t that, like, when we were chatting on Slack about the wholesale line sheet?

Saira, my work wife. She embraces Babies4Babies as her own baby and does everything in her power to build our company into what we both know it can and will become. While she isn’t technically a co-founder, we both thought that three years in was a little past the founding stage, she is equally committed to the company and I cannot imagine doing this journey without her.

Babies4Babies partner Saira Gallo and daughter

Saira and Inara

Saira Galla Babies4Babies partner daughters

Saira's daughters, Aiyla and Inara

So after that “FYI I just had a baby” text, Saira went on maternity leave. With the shameful (non-existent) standards of American maternity leave and postpartum care, we had long ago decided Babies4Babies would be different and established a policy for unlimited maternity leave which allows the woman to opt back into her role gradually and at her own pace. We already use technology and telework to stay connected and run an efficient and lean ecommerce company, so the demand to come into a physical office and all of the barriers that creates for postpartum moms, like pumping and off site childcare, will never become an issue for Saira. 

Will some pieces at Babies4Babies slow down as a result of Saira’s maternity leave? Yes. But in the meantime, the company will survive and we will wait for her because if we’re serious about equality (and we are), a woman should never be punished, cast aside or knocked off her trajectory for becoming a mother. Over the long term, Babies4Babies will thrive because we are reinventing the way work works for women and above all, we are a company that believes the work and recovery Saira is doing right now with her newborn and family are so much more important than selling blankets. 

Babies4Babies partner Saira Gallo daughters

As any friend and partner would be, I am over the moon for Saira; I can’t wait to see how this next piece of motherhood grows and shapes her as a woman. I don’t know exactly what it will be like for her, but I do know it will be significant because I, too, have done it twice. Something about becoming a mother opens your heart and rocks your world and each time you experience motherhood and in a whole new, entirely different way. One thing’s for sure, when she’s ready, I know she’ll come back from maternity leave wiser and more powerful. Until then, wishing Saira and her new babe a healthy, peaceful beginning and a future filled with love, friendship and building businesses that matter.

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Give Back Giveaway

February 20, 2017



But today, more than ever, we are driven to help those most in need, which is why we've partnered with the like minded brands you see below to raise money to donate to Syrian refugee mothers. Every brand here already gives back as a part of their mission, but collectively, with your help, we can do even more. 


You can donate any amount and will get that same number of entries into the competition ($5 = 5 entries, $500 = 500 entries). We will use this money to purchase as many $3 safe birth and newborn kits as we can via our impact partner, Ayzh, who will distribute the kits into a Turkish refugee camp where Syrian refugee mothers are living, birthing and raising their families. 




Runway inspired, artist made and totally original, our multi-purpose blankets are a go to for the fashion forward woman. Use your gift card to shop limited edition, ethically American made blankets that fund safe birth kits for refugee mothers. From bassinet to beach, you really can't go wrong, this is a wardrobe staple. 

Babies4Babies from bassinet to beach


My Diaper Box is a subscription service that delivers a monthly supply of premium, eco-conscious diapers and wipes, directly to your door. With fluff-wood pulp harvested from sustainable forestry initiative-certified forests, the diapers are dermatologically tested and free of harmful chemicals like chlorine, inks, lotions and fragrances. But here’s the best part! My Diaper box delivers a premium diaper at an affordable price, all the while helping babies in need. With each months subscription sold, My Diaper Box donates 40 diapers to well established organizations that use the diapers to incentivize parents to attend classes that will teach them the life skills they need to succeed in life.



Functionality and portability meet luxurious hi fi audio. The Wembley's custom drivers are surrounded in rich Bamboo wood, providing a sound far beyond anything else on the market. Sound and Purpose. What's good for business should be good for the world. That's why every LSTN purchase helps give hearing aids to someone in need through Starkey Hearing Foundation. 

Lstn Wembley Earbuds


These fair trade products are sewn in India by women who have made the choice to journey out of the sex trade and into freedom. The Tote Project donates 20% of profits to Two Wings to help survivors of human trafficking in the United States pursue their dreams. 

The Tote Project Free to love


This fair trade Dereje Necklace is made from recycled bullet casings by a women’s cooperative in Ethiopia. Option of silver- or gold-colored beads. Fair Anita is a social enterprise that's all about investing in the power of women. They sell beautiful and handmade products made fair trade by over 8000 women in 16 countries. They seek to create economic opportunity for women in some of the world's poorest communities so that together, we can change the world. 

FAIR Anita


Mini + Meep is making a difference with high-quality organic onesies + tees that give back to children in need. Ethically sewn + grown in the USA. 10% of proceeds provides lifesaving materials to children in need. Printed with non-toxic, eco-friendly + water-based inks.

Mini + Meep


A portion of the net proceeds from this gift set supports Doctors Without Borders, an organization that provides critical medical services in Syria. The Aleppo Cuisine Gift Set includes a Cookbook by Marlene Matar, Aleppo spices, a 6 oz soy blend candle that is handpoured by women refugees rebuilding their lives in the United States. Choose between Chamomile & Sage fragrance or Unscented. Made with cotton wick and essential oils. Burns for 28 hours. Prosperity Candle is a social enterprise that prioritizes positive impact over all else, ensuring everything they do helps create opportunities for women to thrive. The candles are handpoured by women artisans seeking a brighter future for their families and themselves.

Prosperity Candle Aleppo Cuisine Gift Set


Sseko Designs uses fashion to create opportunity and community for women globally. Through the sale of beautiful leather sandals and bags, Sseko enables women in Uganda to attend university, while women here in the U.S. (the Sseko Fellows!) earn an income through their own social enterprises!

Sseko Designs Sandals


CrystalSmooth Microdermabrasion System, Instantly Smooth, Instantly Radiant skin. Home microdermabrasion kit buffs away dead skin cells with an easy 2-minute treatment once per week. Non-Motorized technology allows you to control the speed and pressure, and is easy to take on the go. Invented by a working mom on a mission to Share Hope. $2 from every kit goes to victims & survivors of human trafficking. Prize includes CrystalSmooth Microdermabrasion starter kit + 4-Pack of replacement heads (choice of sensitive, mild, or moderate). 

Crystal Smooth


Blending cultural traditions with modern design, our Native American artisans cut, sew, sinew and brand every pair of moccasins to ensure comfort and durability as your baby grows. Each pair sold provides employment opportunities and resources to impoverished Native American communities in need.

TP Mocs


Made of the finest Italian leathers and designed to fold and fit in a purse. Wearable all day, every day. It takes 3 days and over 150 steps to make a single pair of Tieks. The Gavrieli Foundation is deeply committed to the empowerment of women in the U.S and around the globe as a means for social change. Through Kiva, they contribute funds to women entrepreneurs, who are key in the broader fight against global poverty. Their contributions help create opportunity for these women, their families and their communities.

Tieks Silverlake 


*Some fine print. "Gift Card" = shop credit, which will be delivered to winner by individual brands via email. Items will be individually shipped to winner. Babies4Babies will notify randomly selected winner no later than March 8, 2017 . Once winner shipping and contact details have been received, Babies4Babies will notify participating brands who will individually fulfill their commitment to winner. Babies4Babies is not liable for winnings, each brand is responsible for fulfilling their stated monetary or product commitment to winner in a timely manner. See Terms for full details. 

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